This is my first blog i have ever done. I decided to make it anonymous so it would be easier for me to tell my story.

I was born on January 12 to a crack addicted mom and a dad that didn’t have his shit together at the time and always got arrested. I started to get physically abused when I was about 2 years old. I have amazing grandparents and they ( along with my dad) didn’t even know i existed until I was 10 months old. Had no idea i was getting abused until a few years later when i went to my grandparents house and they saw that i had a bump on my forehead from ripped scar tissue under neath my skin. I couldn’t tell them what happened. Even tho i was 5 i was scared and couldn’t really talk. I didn’t know how to speak up. So i never did until i was older. i wish i would have said something sooner. When i knew what was actually going on. My mother also had my baby brother. I didn’t know and still don’t know if he was ever abused but i just hope to god he wasn’t. I think it was in 3th grade when my mom sent me a card because she knows where i know live with my grandparents. She sent it with a Shopko gift card for my birthday and her number saying that i can call her even though my therapist that i have been seeing since i was five said that it would just hurt me more if i ever did because every time she said she would call she never called me back and it left me heartbroken and sad. Sure enough we met up and went shopping and i had fun with her but then after that she never called me back. The last time i have saw her since was in October of 2013 for my brothers 10th birthday. Haven’t heard from her since.
i will talk about more tomorrow-LifeAsMe



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